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Zombie news

The Zombie Project--Feature Film
march 23th 2017 19:11:40
Fat Ass Zombies--Feature Film
march 21th 2017 19:30:07
Dead Brew--Feature Film
march 9th 2017 20:31:05

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Friday Nite Frights--The Series (2015)
added by: Verhoskan (2017-03-23 19:14:34)
Full Movie Full Movie--In The Blood Of The Night
AFK: The Webseries (2015)
added by: Verhoskan (2017-03-22 23:07:17)
Full Movie Watch The Full Series
Requiems (2014)
added by: Verhoskan (2017-03-22 22:54:10)
Full Movie Watch The Full Series
Zombie Mutant Ninjas III (2006)
added by: Drew Cherry (2017-03-22 03:55:02)
Untitled Zombie Documentary (2013)
added by: Verhoskan (2017-03-20 23:14:07)
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Zombie discussion

New DEAD INFECTION short film
november 1st 2016 22:49:26
Fascination for Zombies
august 2nd 2016 16:19:35
Collapse Of The Living Dead
april 9th 2016 23:31:24
Dead Therapy
february 4th 2016 05:36:44
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