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Home (2015)

category: comics


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Home was another series that was part of the Double Take shared universe. Issue 1 of Home, Lighter Than Air, focused on a quiet home in Pennsylvania where an African-American young man dated a young woman who seems to be from a perfect family. But why is the little girl so potty-mouthed? Why doesn't anyone notice strange things like a crazy guy eating ice cream? What does this ending mean? Issue 2, Thicker Than Water, has Kevin being mistaken for a doctor, getting order to accompany the police. But the little girl is also very concerned about secrets she possesses. An intruder disturbs the young people. What is in the barn? Why is it so secret? More and more types of zombies are showing up.

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Weirdness at a home

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, comic book, night of the living dead, double take universe
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