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Soul (2015)

category: comics

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Soul is another entry in the Double Take Universe. Issue 1, Friendly Fire, has the county sheriff and a large number of his men trying to clear out the zombies. They arrive at an all too familiar house and shoot an unknown man. What is the rest of the story, though? Issue 2, Good Mourning, has Ben recovering, only to be questioned by the Chief about his experience. The dead bodies seem to be moving around again. Ben relates stories of failed escapes. Why is the Chief so suspicious? Is he looking for a reason? Is Ben really alright?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
The police who fight the ghouls

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, comic book, night of the living dead, limited series, double take universe
added: january 30th 2019 20:36:48,  last modified: february 6th 2019 00:54:20
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