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Spring (2015)

category: comics



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Spring was one of the limited series set in the Double Take Universe. Issue 1, Born Again, has a lot of young people headed to the county lake. They are talking and playing, but several start to disappear under the water. How long will it take to notice? Will any one be saved from the underwater dead? Issue 2, Undertow, has the young people at this paradise-like lake unaware of the zombie outbreak. Chief McClelland gives orders that could put their plans in trouble. What is this strange storm and earthquake?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Young people at a very odd pool

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, comic book, night of the living dead, limited series, double take universe
added: january 30th 2019 20:48:11,  last modified: february 6th 2019 00:52:45
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