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Z-Men (2015)

category: comics



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Z-Men was a limited series set in the Double Take Universe. Issue 1, Nervous In The Service, starts in Washington when President Johnson learns of the zombie outbreak. He orders two secret service agents to go in and have a look around. Two low level guys are sent in. What will they find waiting for them? Will itchy trigger fingers at blockades cause problems? Issue 2, All The President's Men, has Secret Service Agents Clancy and Stuart arriving in Evans, having to make contact with the chief there. It ends up being complicated by all the chaos, but they do manage to hitch a ride with a deputy. They stop for an old woman who may not just be an old woman. What lurks in the basement? What steps are the President and military planning? How extreme could these end up being?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Government agents vs. zombies

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, night of the living dead, limited series, double take universe
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