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posted on july 24th 2017 20:09:40
I had the pleasure of meeting one of the best actors to ever portray a zombie on film, Howard Sherman, at Crypticon KC 2017 this year. He played "Bub" in Day of the Dead, my favorite zombie flick. Here I am with him, holding a Bub-themed box that my friend Regina made for me :-) I felt like a little kid meeting Santa Claus or something, haha. I also got my Day of the Dead Arrow special edition blu-ray signed by him! So the other pic is my Crypticon loot which includes the signed movie.

posted on july 24th 2017 20:14:33
From left to right:

12" Pinhead figure from Mezco Toys (I've had a saved search for it on eBay forever, and I talked the guy down to $$40, which is the least it ever goes for on eBay, and this way I get "free shipping")

Deadgirl DVD (kind of disturbing zombie flick where teens find a tied-up zombie in an abandoned building and charge other teens to fuck her)

Day of the Dead Arrow special edition blu-ray I already had, but SIGNED by Howard Sherman (he wrote "Paul - Eat it RAW! Howard Sherman "Bub")

A Crow action figure, I bought loose, for $5, which has also been a saved eBay search forever

Pet Sematary 1 and 2 double feature. I'm trying to own every King movie/mini-series/series ever, and for some reason I didn't have that one (a running joke with my friend Clay is saying "don't go down that road!" in a Maine accent, like actor Fred Gwynne [the dad in The Munsters] says in the movie)

Legend print on canvas, with cool shit done to it. It almost looks acrylic! This is an xmas gift for my sister-in-law

I'm 90% sure this is a Spawn figure of some kind.. I bought him because it was, again, $5 (same vendor), and the detail on him is amazing, and I'm always looking to add to my zombie figure horde

The Beyond print on canvas. The colors really fucking pop, and with the stuff the artist did to it, it just looks gorgeous. Pictures don't do it justice

Not shown: this shirt, which is a compilation of different movie zombies. I accidentally left it at my friend's house

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