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posted on november 7th 2012 01:16:56
Well, we've got a little catching up to do on DVD releases. So here they are:

1. Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead Volumes 1 and 2 are now out on regular DVD via

2. Parasitic--new horror movie with woman turned into zombie by alien parasite comes out on June 26.
3. Bitez: The Fever--this zombie sequel to Bitez can be gotten at

1. Terror Experiment--Release here is USA. April 10. Previously out in Japan.

2. Trippin'--Collection of short films by Devi Snively, including Confederate Zombie Massacre

3. Popcorn Chicken And Kentucky Fried Zombie--I have no idea what the heck this one is. It's coming out in October from This one is aka DIEner

4. Frankenpimp: Director's Cut--Crazy film from Tony Watt. Available from

5. Dead Season--Coming out here in the USA July 31.

6. True Love Zombie--Hilarious web series now on DVD from

7. Zombie Nazi's--In November from Don't really know much about this one yet. This is yet another title of Maplewoods.

8. World War Zombies--Coming out in October from Details are very sparse right now.

1. My So-Called Apocalypse--30 minute zombie apocalype comedy. Available on

2. Blaming George Romero--Feature Film Zombie Comedy. Available on

3. Steve Niles' Remains--DVD and Blu-Ray debut on July 10.

4. Descendents--Excellent Chilean zombie movie debuts in US on May 15 on DVD.

5. Toxic Lullaby--German zombie film gets US release on June 26.

1. Bad Meat--Film directed by Lulu Jarman. To be released in Australia on May 24.

2. Oh Inverted World--Available on
3. Rec: Genesis--Coming out Sept. 3 on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK.

4. Nazis At The Center of the Earth--Comes out on Apr. 24 on DVD and Blu Ray.

5. Treasure Chest of Horrors comes out June 19.

6. Kill Zombie! comes out on Sept. 17 in the UK. This is the English titling of Zombibi.

1. Blood of the Werewolf II: Wolves & Zombies--From

2. The Dead . . . Will Rise --New indy zombie movie. It can be gotten at:

3. Dead Undead--Just came out. Be aware that this film is God awful.

4. The Dead Want Women--Full Moon Release.

5. Zombie Undead will be coming out here in the USA on July 24.

6. Zombie Planet Special will be out soon of Zombie Planet 1, Zombie Planet 2 and The Kane Chronciles.

7. Operation: Nazi Zombies, aka Maplewoods is also now out.

8. Stag Night of the Dead is out here in the USA via

9. Theatre of the Deranged--a horror anthology with one film featuring zombies will be out July 24.

10. The Red Baron In Zombie Death Tales will be out via on August 13.

11. Zombie 108 will be out in the UK on July 2.

12. Humans vs. Zombies gets released on DVD May 8 here in the USA.

1. Kimi Wa Zombie Ni Koishiteru--Coming our way via Japan on July 4. It can be ordered from

2. Descendents--The great Chilean zombie film is out here in the USA.
3. Extreme Zombies 8 Movie Collection--A collection of 8 zombie movies. 5 have been out before. Three are released for the first time--Blood Bunker, Night of the Dead and Bled White. This comes out September 11.

4. Astro-Zombies M4: Invaders From Cyberspace--Available via

5. Humans vs. Zombies--Out on DVD on May 22.

6. Evil Dead Inbred Rednecks--Out on May 22.

7. Zombie Planet Trilogy--May 22.

8. Is This A Zombie? Season One--Anime series first season comes out in USA on August 7.

9. Mourning Wood--Zombie comedy gets wide release on July 24.

1. Dead Weight--An excellent indie zombie movie that can be ordered from:


1. Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead--This crapfest (literally and that's not a comment on the quality of the film) comes out on 8/3/2012 in Japan.
2. Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is out now.

3. Zombie A-Hole--From the Makers of "The Puppet Monster Massacre" comes a zombie movie. Released August 21.

4. Dead Start--George Demick zombie movie is out at Amazon.

5. Race War: The Remake--Zombie movie that is a racial comedy is out. It can be gotten at:

6. Turn In Your Grave--This is a new zombie movie that can be gotten by from You might want to look it up on google actually as it will be easier to get there.

7. Exit 101--Zombie movie can be found at:

8. Ground Zero--zombie movie comes out at August 4.

9. Walking Dead: The Second Season comes out on August 28. Great special edition on Blu-Ray as well.

10. Scary or Die--Horror anthology with zombie tale comes out on September 25.

11. Exit Humanity comes out on June 19.

12. Treasure Chest of Horrors--anthology of shorts with zombie film comes out on June 19.

13. Zombified--Todd Cook's latest zombie opus comes out June 19.

14. Spark of Life--rerelease of zombie film on

15. Juan of the Dead shows up here in the USA on August 14.

16. Harold's Going Stiff--Zombie comedy comes out in September in England.

17. Zombie Proof--student zombie film can be ordered at:


1. Toxic Lullaby--Euro zombie film came out in the USA on June 26.
2. Zombified from Todd Jason Cook is out now on wide release DVD as of June 26.

3. Parasitic--strippers become zombified thanks to alien slugs. Out nas of June 26 on DVD.

4. Dharmageddon--crazy cheap zombie movie meets Hare Krishnas meets 70s comedy. Can be gotten on DVD at

5. Gotas De Sangre--collection of Argentinian short films. Has at least one zombie film on there. Probably more. It can be ordered at

6. Zombie Proof--indy zombie film an be ordered from

7. After The Dawn--Zombie movie will be out on DVD in October. Wide release.

8. Harold's Going Stiff--Coming on UK DVD in October.

9. Copper Canyon--indy zombie movie can be ordered at:

10. Extinction--Zombie movie comes out in England on August 27.

11. Sankarea--Zombie anime series can be ordered at

12. I Am Bish--Australian zombie movie can be gotten at

13. Freakshow Apocalypse: The Unholy Sideshow--aka The Unholy Sideshow is out on wide release DVD.

14. Turbo Zombie From Hell--new German zombie movie from Jochen Taubert comes out in August in Germany.

15. Roadside Massacre--new zombie movie can be gotten at

16. Cabin In The Woods--BIg budget horror movie that has zombies in it comes out in September.

17. Zombies vs. Strippers--new Full Moon zombie movie can be ordered at:

1. Life Is Dead
Here are some upcoming US releases and zombie movies:

2. Clive The Zombie--All the Clive The Zombie shorts are on a DVD sold on

3. Juan of the Dead--U.S. release on DVD on August 14.

4. The Revenant--U.S. release on September 18.

5. Eaters--Great new Italian zombie movie gets U.S. release on September 18.

6. Attack of the Herbals--Zombie comedy gets U.S. release on September 4.

7. Patient Zero--What I presume to be a zombie movie gets released on August 30.

8. Scar Crow--British zombie comedy gets released on US DVD on August 21.

9. Zombie Horror Fright Fest--Four zombie films and two zombie shorts get unleashed on August 14.

10. Trio of Terror--A DVD anthology with the movie Zombitch on it can be purchased at

Here's a new UK release:

11. Zombie Driller Killer--Coming out in September.

Back to the US releases:

12. Zombies vs. Strippers--Full Moon's new zombie movie can be gotten in wide release.

13. Zombie Babies--Eamon Hardiman's bizarre zombie baby movie comes out on DVD September 25.

14. Zombie Undead--US release on July 24.

15. A Cadaver Christmas--Christmas zombie movie gets released on October 9.

16. Mourning Wood--Zombie comedy got released on July 24.

One from Germany:

17. New Kids Nitro--features zombies in it. Can be gotten on

And now back to our regularly scheduled release list:

18. Bee Dead--indy zombie movie can be gotten on DVD. Just look it up on facebook and message them about the film.

19. Dead Season--US release on July 31.

20. Remains--The zombie movie of Steve Niles comic book hits DVD on August 7.

Attack of the Atomic Zombies

This can be gotten at:

All of the above were listed on the facebook page for ZMDB.

Here are others that I had not yet put on the facebook page.

1. Silly Scaries

2. Silly Scaries 2

These two anthology films can be gotten at:

3. Blood Beach--From Kluckin Films--message them on facebook to get that one and another zombie movie in a Double Feature.

4. Ghosts of Sherwood can either be ordered from or

5. Don't Go On The Trail can be ordered from:

6. Leftovers--Dir: Brad Gallagher can be ordered from

7. Doomsday Book--Korean anthology with zombie short comes out on December 11.

8. Dead Inside comes out on November 20.

9. Frac Attack--Zombie short can be ordered at:

10. Asunder--short film collection with three zombie shorts can be ordered from:

11. A Little Bit Zombie--Zombie feature film can be ordered from

12. Flesh of the Living--Indy zombie movie can be ordered from or Flesh of the Living facebook page.

13. Blood Orgy At Beaver Lake--From

14. Gnome In The Haunted Castle--DVD at

15. Life of the Dead--Season 1--claymation anime series from

16. Daddy I'm A

17. Cockneys vs.

18. State of Emergency--End of the year at

19. Where Evil Lives--80s horror anthology released by Troma.

20. Zombie Blood Death--zombie short from

21. Shrek's Thrilling Tales--zombie carrot short on DVD release.

22. Gangsters, Gun And Zombies--December 11 release.

23. Past Dead--British zombie comedy. Message them on facebook.

24. ParaNorman--wide release coming in November on DVD.

25. Dead Sushi--January 22 release in USA.

26. Patient Zero--Feature zombie film from

27. Project z--Volume One--available on and

28. Jonah Lives--pre-order at:

29. Overtime--Zombie comedy comes out on December 31.


30. Dead End

31. Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection

32. Island of the Dead

33. Before Dawn


34. Dead Shadows

35. Dead West

And finally:

36. A Chance In Hell--zombie movie can be ordered at:

That's quite a rundown. Enjoy them all.
posted on november 12th 2012 18:24:18
Here's another new find that actually falls into the VHS category.

In a limited edition fo 50 VHS copies, you can get:

Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer

Just go to:

and get yourself a copy. Enjoy it.
posted on november 20th 2012 18:48:43
Here are some more new DVD releases:

1. Haohao! Kyonshi Girls--Tokyo Denshidai Senki 1--Japanese live action TV series that has zombies in it.

It can be gotten at:

2. State of Emergency--new zombie movie comes out in the UK at the end of December.

3. Long Live The Dead--can be ordered from

Enjoy them all.
posted on november 26th 2012 18:22:00
Okay, we've got a few new releases coming up here:

1. Resident Evil: Extinction comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray on December 21.

2. Bath Salt Zombies--indie feature zombie film can be preordered at:

3. Hell Walks The Earth 2--Indy zombie film from director Terence Muncy. This movie can be ordered from the film's facebook page. Just go there and look it up.

Enjoy the films.
posted on december 1st 2012 07:58:16
Hell Walks The Earth 2? How did I miss the first one?!?
posted on december 3rd 2012 18:15:47
Hell Walks The Earth was one of those movies that lierally flew under the radar. I knew about it, but it took me forever to get hold of it. I simply wasn't able to finda strong web presence for it.

But Hell Walks The Earth can be ordered from the facebook page of Hell Walks The Earth 2.
posted on december 3rd 2012 18:17:43
Here are a couple of more upcoming and new releases:

1. The Collective Volume 5--A collection of short zombie films from Jabb Pictures.

You can order it at:

And on January 29, you can get:

2. Hotel Translyvania.

Also this week sees the release of the following:

3. V/H/S--anthology horror film that has zombies in it.

Enjoy them all.
posted on december 12th 2012 00:40:07
Here are some more new releases on the DVD front for all you zombie fans out there.

On wide release we have:

1. Is This A Zombie? Season One

2. Gangsters, Guns And Zombies

3. Mimesis--This one comes out Febuary 12, 2013.

4. Osombie--US Release

5. The Veil Unmasked Edition--A 90 minute version of an indy zombie film.

And from comes:

1. Chainsaw Maid--collection of claymation shorts.

2. Killer Motel--Japanese horror film with zombies.

3. Chris Ryans Strike Back

4. Butai Stacy's

5. Burn of the Dead

Enjoy them all.
posted on december 18th 2012 23:40:25
So here I am again with still some more new releases to get:

First we have some wide releases:

1. Resident Evil: Retribution--this one arrives on Dec. 21.

2. Extinction--This may be the wide release of Extinction: The GMO Chronicles

Also on ebay you can get:

3. Zombie Massacre: Army of the Dead

4. Zombie Genocide: Legion of the Damned

Please be aware that Zombie Massacre Army of the Dead is a retitling of Deadlands 2 and Zombie Genocide may well be a retitling as well.

From, we have:

5. Lone Bannana Presents--a zombie short film is on here.

Also in future releases we have:

6. Falls The Shadow: Zombie Apocalypse--comes out early next year.

7. Doomsday County--On Feb. 12.

And another one on

8. Vomitarium--zombie short film on here.

Enjoy them all.
posted on december 28th 2012 00:40:22
Welcome to yet another update of the latest discoveries out there of zombie movie DVDs both current and upcoming.

From, we have:

1. Zombie Man--short zombie film

Also in coming months we have:

2. Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead--January release--English subs.

3. The Bay--Zombie movie directed by Barry Levinson comes out on March 5 on DVD. Available on VOD right now.

4. Overtime--January 1 wide release of zombie comedy

5. War of the Dead--Finnish zombie war movie comes out on USA DVD on Jan. 1.

And in the independent film area we have:

6. 2056: Escape From Zombie Island DVD--Search under facebook for 2056: Escape From Zombie Island and follow the link to the website and order this new feature film.

Here's the link:

7. Dough of the Dead--feature zombie comedy.

This can be gotten at:

And finally an indy zombie short film:

8. Dead End Job--

This can be gotten for a donation at:

Enjoy them all.
posted on january 4th 2013 00:19:09
Here's a new short film that is available right now:

Zombies vs. Jesus

You can get this film by going to:
posted on january 6th 2013 23:59:19
Verhoskan.. I love you so much for this. Thank you!!
posted on january 8th 2013 01:09:35
Not a problem at all. I'm glad I can help zombie fans find movies that they might not otherwise have been able to find. And I'll keep them coming as I find new ones.
posted on january 9th 2013 07:44:42
I don't know how many different trailers I watched for 2056: Escape From Zombie Island, but I don't think I saw a single zombie!
posted on january 15th 2013 23:57:21
Here are some new releases coming your way:

1. All American Zombie Drugs--Releases on March 26.

2. Ultmate Zombie Feast Vol. 2--comes out on April 23.

From you can get:

3. Les Revenants--French zombie TV series. First season is now out on French DVD.

And an indie zombie film called:

4. Bad To The Jones--Just go to:

Enjoy them all.
posted on january 25th 2013 00:28:48
And here are some more new releases to get:

From Metroshia Productions you can get:

1. Triplet Zombie Disturbia.

You can get this one by going to:

or you can just look them up on facebook and hit the link there.

Also this week coming to DVD are:

2. Dead Sushi

3. Zombie Ed

In the future we have:

4. Treasure Chest of Horrors 2--April 23 release.

5. Infected--April 19 release.

And finally you can get this indie zombie film:

6. A Way Out

Just head on over to:

Enjoy them all.
posted on january 25th 2013 03:07:50
I believe it's a short film

posted on january 25th 2013 03:17:36
Trailer for Infected looks good..


posted on february 5th 2013 19:56:22
Here are some more upcoming releases for zombie fans out there:

1. Eerie 13--Canadian zombie gorefest hits DVD on April 2.

2. Zombie Lover--Can be ordered from:

There's a 2 DVD edition of

3.Mangue Negro

available from out of Brazil that has subtitles and short films on it. You can get this by going to:

And from we have coming soon:

4. Zombie King--Out in early May.

Enjoy them all.
posted on february 6th 2013 05:12:47
Mangue Negro aka Mud Zombies officially available again!! Oh happy day! Heh. Here's the direct link to buy it:

It says there's 82 pieces available.

double DVD of the First feature film by Rodrigo Aragão. With Extras Like Making Of, Short films , cards ... in Englis and Spanish Subtitles.

I just got one, and the dollars in USD was nearly half of what it was in Brazilian currency (PayPal states "Exchange rate: 1 U.S. Dollar = 1.93397 Brazilian Reais"). So after R$25 international shipping, it was still "only" $27.87. Which is about the same price you can get it for on eBay ( which also looks legit, and not a bootleg. Actually you might be better off getting it off eBay, it appears to be the exact same thing: 2 discs, short films, special features, etc.
posted on february 6th 2013 05:17:53
Also the URL is wrong for Zombie Lover, it should be Here's the direct link to their zombie flicks (the store has three other zombie movies, couple I'm not sure I've personally heard of)
posted on february 12th 2013 00:17:24
Here are some more upcoming releases to look out for:

1. Mimesis--zombie movie from Anchor Bay comes out this week on Feb. 12.

2. Doomsday County--Released on DVD from Troma this week. Also a zombie movie.

3. Rise of the Zombies--The Asylum's latest zombie opus comes out on DVD this week. Danny Trejo is in this one.

4. Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection--American DVD release on April 30.

5. Chanbara Beauty: Movie Vortex--US release of Bikini clad zombie hunter sequel with subtitles.

Enjoy them all.
posted on february 19th 2013 19:52:39
Here are some more upcoming releases and reminders of a few current releases:

1. Bad Meat--zombie movie gets US release this week.

2. Bath Salt Zombies--zombie comedy now available on wide release DVD.

3. Dead Genesis--Reese Eveneshen's zombie movie now on wide release DVD this week.

4. Game of Thrones: The Second Season--The second season of the great fantasy series is now out on DVD.

5. Attack of the Herbals--British zombie comedy out on American DVD.

6. Day 9--35 minute zombie short is now out on DVD. Email the director here to get a copy:

You can also message him on Facebook.

7. Zombageddon--Canadian Indie zombie movie can be gotten. Look up the title on facebook and go to the website to order a copy of the movie on DVD.

Enjoy them all.

posted on february 26th 2013 00:40:00
So here we are again with another update on zombie DVDs that are out or coming soon:

On wide release we have:

1. Gerber Syndrome--out this week.

2. Kiss The Abyss--zombies show up in this film. Out on US DVD.

3. Oasis of the Zombies--Remastered Edition--the cover of this one is better than the movie.

4. Ultimate Zombie Feast Vol. 1--US release of 2 DVD zombie treasure trove.

5. Zombie Lake--Remastered edition. Once again with a far better cover than actual movie.

6. Zombie Massacre: Army of the Dead--Aka Deadlands II.

From Japan we have coming:

7. Zomvideo--Japanese zombie movie comes out on April 10.

8. Germ--American zombie movie gets Japanese DVD release.

These can be ordered at

And from, you can pre-order:

9. Zombinator--Comes out June 17.

Enjoy them all.
posted on march 4th 2013 19:26:31
Here are a few more recent releases:

1. Zombie Warz: Falls The Shadow should be hitting US DVD this week.

2. Eaters--The surprisingly good Italian zombie horror movie with Uwe Boll's name connected to it comes out on American DVD.

And there's a Spanish zombie movie called:

3. The Undertaker.

This one can be gotten at Diabolik DVD:

Enjoy them all.
posted on march 13th 2013 23:33:29
So here's another update of the latest zombie DVDs to come out or be available for preorder:

From, you can get:

1. Hinnon Valley--DVD of zombie short.

There's a low budget movie that you can ask for on facebook:

2. Rise of the Undead

Just look up the title and message the website about obtaining a copy.

From, you can preorder:

3. Dead Before Dawn--comes out on DVD April 15.

From, you can get:

4. Rape Zombie 2

5. Rape Zombie 3

Both of them come out on May 3.

You can also order a new indie movie:

6. Undead Apocalypse

You can click on the site to order the DVD by going to:

Enjoy them all.
posted on march 19th 2013 18:52:02
Here are yet more new DVD releases coming up or just released:

From we have coming up:

1. Rage of the Undead--June 28--This is a Japanese zombie movie. I'm not sure what the original title might be. So watch out as it might be one of those changed titles.

2. Return of the Moonwalker--April 19--Yes, Michael Jackson is back as a zombie in this insane German zombie movie.

From Reel Splatter Productions you can get:

3. Suburban Holocaust--the collected films of Reel Splatter Productions that includes a couple of zombie movies. Get it by going to:

Also in wide release now we have:

4. The Jitters--ridiculous 80s movie featuring hopping zombies.

5. Undead Apocalypse--DVD can also be gotten on now.

6. The Ghastly Love of Johnny X--Zombie movie comes out on June 28.

Enjoy them all.
posted on march 25th 2013 18:16:46
Here's our next zombie DVD update:

On on wide release now or in the near future are:

1. Bad Meat--Canadian zombie movie gets wide US release this week.

2. Bled White--Indy zombie movie formerly part of the Extreme Zombies Collection gets its own separate release.

3. Bloodline: Vengeance from Beyond--Another zombie movie coming our way from World Wide Multi Media.

4. Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse comes our way on DVd on June 18.

5. Stagnight of the Dead gets a DVD release here this week as well.

6. Zombie Genocide: Legion of the Damned--A retitling of Deadlands: Trapped from World Wide Multi Media

Enjoy them all.
posted on march 26th 2013 18:38:32
Here's a new indy zombie movie that just got released on DVD:

Level 7

Here are the details of how to get the movie taken from the film's page:

To purchase a "LEVEL 7" DVD (which also contains the prequel "LEVEL 7: The Beginning") Please send $17.00 (shipping & packaging included) through to . If you want a signed copy, please make the request in the message box of the PayPal transaction page. PLEASE make sure your PayPal shipping address is correct!!!!

You can also send a check/money order (with your return address) to:
Stephani Lofthouse
PO BOX 274
Franklin, NC 28744

You can post here to let me know you've sent your payment!
Thank you for all the support!! ♥

This film looks interesting so I hope you all pick it up.
posted on march 31th 2013 14:10:47
Just me being silly, but shouldn't the prequel to 'Level 7' be 'Level 6?' :)
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