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posted on november 26th 2014 17:20:32
Ah, here's another one of those gloriously cheesy titles that I absolutely love. From directors Ryan Cloutier comes the new feature film:

Zombie Cats From Mars

Here's a description of the movie from kickstarter:

You love cats! You love zombies! Zombie Cats from Mars is a fun and scary horror film that proves cats rule the universe!

Zombie Cats from Mars is a campy spin on classic sci-fi horror. The story involves three households, each facing their own problems, who become the victims of a Zombie Cat invasion. The central character, Billy, plays the film's hero. He aims to save his family, and the neighborhood from the Zombie Cats. Filming involves the use of live-action cats, as well as realistic puppet cats.

The filmmakers have teamed up with a local organization to provide live action cats, and cat handlers. Furry Friends is a non-profit no-kill cat rehoming organization. We believe that every furry friend deserves a loving home: even if they are zombie cats.

Here's a link to the kickstarter page, which has a couple of weeks yet to go:

In the interest of full disclosure, I have already donated to this project.

Here's a promo image for the project:

Here's a cute video where we meet some of the Zombie Cats:


We here at ZMDB certainly wish the creators the best of luck in raising funds for their project.
posted on february 16th 2015 18:14:57
Here's a teaser trailer for this delightful mix of insanity:


Here are a couple of posters as well:

This one will be a blast.
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