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FORUM - zombie news
posted on march 7th 2017 00:22:32
Here's a just recently completed zombie feature film called:

It Stains The Sand Red

The movie is directed by Colin Minihan.

Here's a link to the movie's facebook page:

Here's a rundown of the plot from facebook:

In the throes of a zombie apocalypse, Molly (Emmy winner, Brittany Allen) - a troubled woman from Las Vegas with a dark past - finds herself stranded in the desert with a lone ravenous Zombie (Netflix’ Narcos, Juan Riedinger) on her tail. At first, she's easily able to out pace her un-dead pursuer, but things quickly become a nightmare when she realizes the zombie doesn’t need to ever stop and rest. Running low on supplies and beat down by the harsh environment, Molly will have to summon the strength she never knew she had to ultimately face the zombie, and the demons that have chased her all her life.

Here's a clip from the movie:


Here's what appears to be an informal poster for the movie:

The film is complete and seems to be getting very good reviews. It also has already secured distribution so we should be seeing it soon.
posted on may 11th 2017 18:25:00
Here's the awesome new trailer for this movie:


This film looks really really good.
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