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posted on march 8th 2017 23:47:59
Italian director Ivan Zuccon whose works I have always enjoyed is making a new movie, presenting his vision of Lovecraft's classic story:

Herbert West: Reanimator

Here are some comments made by Zuccon from

Eschewing the streak of black humor in Gordon’s RE-ANIMATOR, Zuccon’s adaptation is a played-straight shocker in which Herbert West’s desire to conquer death is motivated by the loss of his daughter (as seen in flashbacks). “This project will be a very long journey,” Zuccon tells RUE MORGUE. “We’ve just started by shooting the first five minutes, and will use this material as a promotional teaser for the movie until beginning the official production next summer.”

Here's a link to said article:

Here are some images from the movie:

I will definitely be looking forward to this movie.
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