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posted on march 9th 2017 20:31:05
Here's a new feature film that will hopefully be coming our way soon called:

Dead Brew

Here's a description of the movie from Facebook:

When a powerful hurricane hits the microbrewery capital of the South, Asheville, North Carolina, gallons of contaminated coal ash spill into the city's water supply, turning citizens of Asheville into flesh eating zombies on the eve of Asheville's annual Zombie Walk. With the local government covering up the spill in the name of profit; Piper, a hardworking barista, with the help of her weather loving brother, Fitz and Jerry, a homeless Iraq veteran, form an unlikely trio desperate to save the city they love from becoming a city of the dead.

Here's a link to the movie's facebook page:

Here's a link to the movie's official website:

Here's a link to a trailer on vimeo:

Here are a couple of promotional image:

The movie is still in the early stages of production, but, hopefully, we'll see it soon.
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