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posted on may 4th 2017 20:28:41
Here's a film that is currently under development by director Demina Fuica called:

Beer Me

Here's a description of the movie from the directors' website:

Four friends are out for the night of their life as they decide to raid local pubs. As booze kicks in and idiocy takes a hold on them, an undead invasion falls upon town. But the more they get drunk, the less the zombies attack them. The undead are not out for brains, they're out for smarts. Our moronic heros are safe... as long as they stay drunk. And high. And stupid. The idiot resistance has begun...

Here's a link to the movie's website:

Here's a copy of the film's poster:

The film is still in the developmental stage, so we'll keep our eyes open for any activity.
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