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posted on august 31th 2017 20:03:46
Here's a feature indie film that will be coming our way soon from director Shane Grant called:

Sleep Eaters

It is a sequel to his short film, Sleep Eater.

Here's a description of the movie from

A year after the events of the first film (Sleep Eater), we follow Rachel Stephens, who is trying to uncover the truth behind the unspeakable “Cannibal” Kelly Anderson murders that happened in her town of Bangor, Maine. Meanwhile, Kelly Anderson, who is now on the run from the law with a bounty on his head, finds himself in the middle of a war between a lonely man, Reggie, and a family of gun-toting lunatics. When their blood-soaked paths cross, we uncover a world filled with more terror, more gore, and a diabolical doctor who has a “cure” and plenty of patients to experiment on.

Here's a link to the movie's facebook page:

Here's a trailer for the movie:



Here's a longer trailer:

Here are a couple of images from the film:

We'll keep you updated about the film's status.
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