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posted on december 7th 2017 00:03:13
J.J. Abrams is executive-producing a feature horror film directed by Julius Avery called:


Here's a description of the plot from Den of Geek:

Overlord stems from an idea Billy Ray (The Hunger Games, Earth 2) and J.J. Abrams came up with about two paratroopers caught behind enemy lines during the D-Day invasion. Determined to reach their German Radio Tower target, the two men soon realize that, in addition to fighting off Nazi soldiers, they also have a supernatural foe to deal with: zombies! (And, you know, other supernatural stuff.) Because being caught behind enemy lines during the D-Day invasion doesn't already have enough inherent suspense built into it as a dramatic premise.

The film hasn't begun production yet, so there's no trailer or images. But we'll keep our eyes open for it.
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