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posted on november 20th 2018 00:28:03
Here is a new feature film coming our way from director Michael Coumo called:

Zombie TV

Here is a link to the movie's website:

Here's a description of the plot from the movie's website:

When the television networks decided to produce nothing but reality TV shows one man, Dan “The Man” Troy, a brilliant but often misunderstood television host decided he would raise the bar. He enlisted seven wanna-be actors – lured by the promise of stardom – and convinced them to participate in what he claimed, would be the greatest reality show ever made. His plan, take these actors and trap them in a house with eight unsuspecting contestants – who he turned into zombies – as hidden cameras captured the entire thing he watched to see who would survive the night. Dan’s plan however, evolved into more than he had imagined.

The film is still in the early stages of work, but we'll keep our eyes open for it.
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