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Un Cazador de Zombis (2008)

akas: Zombie Apocalypse Now: A Zombie Hunter
category: indie
argentina, 71 min.

Directed by:

Ezequiel Hansen ... El Gorno
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ZMDB rating: 3/10 (9 votes)

there is a massive zombie outbreak. A zombie hunter with connections to the church has to try to kill the living dead. There is also a guy going around kidnapping people and torturing them. There's also a Nazi that shows up.

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
zombie outbreak

Movie keywords:
gore, nudity, blood, zombie, apocalypse, torture, zombie apocalypse, zombie hunter, hunter
added: march 16th 2008 23:45:27,  last modified: - 0th 0000 00:00:00
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Half fun, half bad

Gorevision Films' latest movie continues the way paved by their previous effort, Sadomaster, one of over the top gore and sick humour, although unfortunately this time with more emphasis on action and splatter than sick gags. The movie tells the story of a zombie hunter named Toro, who works for the Vatican as a hunter of the undead, and spends his spare time getting lapdances and filming child porn. When the Vatican gets hold of his kiddie porn flicks, he's relieved of his duty, and goes on a binge of sex, booze and drugs. Meanwhile, the zombie epidemic begins to run wild, as the new zombie hunters can't keep them under control. As with Sadomaster, the best part of the film is the sick and shocking humour. There's castration, multiple gay rapes, incest among other things, all portrayed with a hilariously nonchalant attitude. Several scenes had me in stitches, but one stands out; hungover Toro gets a visit from his rich brother, a visit that ends with annoyed and horny Toro forcing the brother to suck his dick at gunpoint. The gore, horror and action scenes are where the film fails, though. What we get are mainly very standard gutmunching and shootings, executed with very low technical standards. Also, the gutmunching and stalking scenes drag on for way too long, and become a chore to watch. The film is also filled with torture scenes, that serve no other purpose than to add some gorno value. The effects are passable for a no budget movie, but not very believable. From a technical standpoint of view, the movie reeks of amateur. The camerawork is never very smooth, and editing is very choppy. In Sadomaster, the bad tech was forgivable, as the movie was constantly fun and gross, but in Cazador de Zombis, the more serious action and horror parts are effectively torpedoed by the faltering quality. Un Cazador de Zombis is definitely not for everyone. It's extremely cheap, and way too long. If you liked Sadomaster, you will enjoy parts of this movie, as there are moments of similarly brilliant bad taste. If only the creators had toned down the unsuccessful horror parts and focused on the gross-out humor, Cazador could've been a similar bad taste favorite as Sadomaster. 5/10
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