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Melvin (2009)

category: indie
usa, 64 min.

Directed by:

Leif Fuller ... Melvin
Kayla Hixson ... Wanda
Hudson Hongo ... Knuckles
Yonatan Schultz ... Trash
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Lilly Maher ... Wendy
Lloyd Kaufman ... Charlie
Andy Larson ... Groundskeeper
April Mai ... Shower Girl
Ben Chinburg ... Spit
Martin Brown ... Professor Ford
Meghan Birr ... Student
Shane Cohn ... Detective Getz
Sara Larson ... Sheila
Joey Stutz ... Chuck
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ZMDB rating: 5/10 (4 votes)

Norton Pincus is your basic nerd, from being really smart to being awkward with women to being picked on by all kinds of bullies. His life is completely miserable. But he isn't the only nerd that has had trouble. Melvin was also a nerd who was picked on by a group of bullies, except he ended up dead in a cruel trick gone horribly wrong. He has been dead three years. He was also the brother of a young woman, Kayla, that Norton is friends with, but hopes for more to develop--however unlikely that possibility may be. Melvin wants vengeance and he attempts to take it by rising from the grave as a zombie. Norton unintentionally foils this plan by beheading the zombie, but he is also bitten in the process. Now Norton finds himself being haunted by Melvin's ghost, having strange dreams of murder and mayhem, and showing signs of a mysterious illness. Could all of this be connected to the zombie outbreak going on around town? Let's just say that these buillies are in for a nasty surprise.

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Zombie nerd back for revenge.

Movie keywords:
gore, splatter, nudity, horror, ghost, comedy, ghosts, feature film, nerds, infection,
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Good Zombie Movie

The revenge of the repressed has long been a theme of the horror genre. The ability of a person who has been constantly picked on or abused to rise up and take vengeance is a story told many, many times. Stephen King's classic novel, Carrie, (along with the movie of the same titles--the Sissy Spacek one, not the later versions or sequel) deals very memorably with this theme of a victim of abuse taking bloody vengeance. More recently, as part of the living dead film renaissance, there have been several zombie movies that have dealt wtih nerds or people who were picked on rising from the dead and seeking revenge against the people who killed or harmed them. We've had "Night of the Living Dorks" and "Boy Eats Girl" to name just two of them. And there are several more in varoius stages of productions as I write this now. "Melvin" is an entry in the zombie comedy sub-genre that fits this model. "Melvin" turns out to be a pretty good movie. The basic story doesn't break any new ground, but there are some elements of originality in here. I did like the twist on how this spiritual vengeance is taking place. I also appreciated the effort to add some element of mystery to the zombie outbreak. I do have to point out that one of the film's flaws is that the reason for the zombie outbreak isn't explained clearly to viewers and relies on the watcher making an intuitive leap to figure out what's going on--I did manage to make that connection, but not all viewers might be able to do so. The acting is quite impressive in here. Pretty much everyone turns in a fairly good performance, which isn't necessarily all that common in low budget, indy movies. THe direction by Henry Weintraub was very good, and continues what I think so far has been a pretty promising early career. Weintraub has a lot of talent with how he shoots and constructs his films. I did wish, however, that "Melvin" would have been 10-15 minutes long as we could have had some more character development in here. Along with a little more zombie action. Just over one hour wasn't enough. The make-up was basic, but still effective. I would have liked to see a little more decaying condition. I should also note that hte blood and gore effects were very good as well. The film was fun to watch, and I found myself rooting for Norton and Melvin to get their revenge. This movie was a lot of fun and I can only hope that Henry Weintraub and company will produce more good work in the future. I give "Melvin" an enthusiastic 8 out of 10.
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