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Invisible Atomic Monsters From Mars (2010)

akas: The Invisible Atomic Monsters From Mars
category: indie
uk, 74 min.

Directed by:

Beth Bainbridge ... Lucy Fox
Stephen Carlile ... Porno
Gil Sutherland ... Colonel G. Romero

ZMDB rating: 5/10 (2 votes)

We start out with a woman walking along taling about business. She gets surrounded and attacked by running zombies. Then we switch to the future where the zombie outbreak has reached epic proportions. Mary and Sam come across the corpse of a pilot. They think it may be the source of the zombie outbreak. Indeed, it does end up being connected. Humanity launched an expedition to Amars and brought back some aliens. They are the invisible atomic monsters. The outbreak is worse in England. There is a TV show that shows over the events that took place and the attempts of the rest of the world to deal with them. One method talked about was bombing England using neutron bombs. A group of survivors are drawn together and try to find a way to stop the zombie outbreak. They tell each other about their personal tragedies they had during the zombie outbreak. Ultimately one chooses to make a sacrifice. The others choose to fight. Some will die. Will any of them live?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Aliens cause zombie outbreak

Movie keywords:
alien, horror, aliens, comedy, feature film,
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Excellent Movie

You might think from this title that this movie would end up being some awful b-grade schlock. I mean the title is totally ridiculous. But this movie is remarkably good. In fact, it's excellent. The film was part of the 28 Days Film Challenge where the contestants were given a ridiculous title and some things that had to appear or be involved in the film and then had to get EVERYTHING done in 28 days. Invisible Atomic Monsters actually finished second. It should have been first. Yes, it's that good. Every aspect of the film was impressive. The acting was fantastic. The story-telling was great. For having a very limited budget, they made it go really far. As other zombie movies have, the creators made good use of news footage and pseudo-interviews to develop the story and expand the scope of the story verbally beyond what the budget would allow. The action scenes are well done. There isn't copious make-up, but it still works. There's not a ton of blood, but what is there is effectively used by the creators. The pacing did slow a little bit when the characters were telling their personal stories toward the end, but it still worked because the acting and writing were both excellent. And it did have a kick ass ending. It was very, very well made in every way. I give Invisible Atomic Monsters a very visible 9 out of 10.
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