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Frames of Fear (2016)

category: indie
canada, 117 min.

Directed by:
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George Stover ... Festering Frank
Rick Jerman ... Francesca
Steve Ferguson ... Chester
Doug Ferguson ... Eddie
Richard Mogg ... Groundskeeper
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Jordyn Naylor ... Zombie
Lindsay Lockhart ... Roxanne
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ZMDB rating: 6/10 (1 votes)

A ghoul risen from his grave, Fiendish Frank, hosts a series of horror shorts. He tells a number of different tales. Format of the Dead tells the story of a zombie attack caused by a couple of guys taking an old VHS tape that brings the dead back to life. In Wrestlemassacre, a zombie-like mad slasher is going around killing people as he dresses as different wrestlers. There are also killer puppets, bad trips, torture in houses, aliens, and video tapes coming to life.

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5
Zombies appear in two stories

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, feature film, wrestling, anthology
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A Fun Anthology

Frames of Fear ends up being a very fun indie anthology. It's not quite as good as say HI-8, but it's still a lot of fun. I liked most of the shorts except the first one, which was primarily a torture film. The acting is here isn't the best, but it was still okay. The best film, to me, was Format of the Dead. Wrestlemassacre was great fun as well, especially for a long time wrestling fan. It was great to see George Stover as the horror host. I give Frames of Fear a rating of 6 out of 10.
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