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Cabin of Horror (2015)

category: indie
usa, 65 min.

Directed by:

Jesus "Chuy" Romero ... Jill Nigh

ZMDB rating: 3/10 (1 votes)

An indie horror film director heads out to an isolated, haunted cabin with his friends to make a horror movie. They find that ghost is very real here. They soon start to die. The dead become zombie-like ghosts eating the flesh of the living. Will any of them survive?

Zombometer rating: 4 / 5
Zombie-like beings

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, feature film
added: march 1st 2018 20:29:51,  last modified: march 1st 2018 20:38:01
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All Too Common Failings

Cabin of Horror falls prey to the all too common failings that can beset entries in the found footage genre. The first half features what amounts to a lot of talk and plenty of boredom. Things do pick up when the ghost/zombie appears. But 40 minutes seems like an eternity. The acting was actually good and the make-up was decent. The story and dialogue weren't strong enough to support all this talk. I give Cabin of Horror a rating of 3 out of 10.
rated: 3/10 by on
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