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Project Icare (2016)

category: indie
france, 71 min.

Gaetan Derand ... Dr. Jonathan Howard
Lilian Flamant ... Dr. Jonas Higgins / Clones
Lindsay Venet ... Meredith Higgins
Fabienne Ralrique ... General Macquarrie
Clement Delassaux ... Zombie 1

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ZMDB rating: 6/10 (1 votes)

Dr. Jonathan Howard has a new project, Project Icare. He believes it will make the lives of people around him better. But things go horribly wrong as the end result ends up being a massive zombie outbreak. Can they stop a potential zombie apocalypse?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Project creates zombies

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, feature film
added: march 19th 2018 23:24:21,  last modified: march 19th 2018 23:32:40
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Mysterious Plot, But Still Fun

Project Icare is quite a mysterious movie in terms of plot, in large portion since I don't speak fluent French. The plot was pretty vague, but the film was still fun to watch. The acting was decent. The make-up was basic. But the movie was fun to watch. Although another unsolved mystery is that the film has vanished from youtube. I suspect the fact that there is an actual Project Icare charity may have had something to do with that. In any case, Project Icare the zombie movie merits a rating of 6 out of 10.
rated: 6/10 by on
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