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Xenobites (2008)

category: indie
usa, 114 min.

Directed by:

Michael Fredianelli ... Icarus Van Calder
Kevin Giffin ... Lupus De Milo
Jana Ireton ... Margo Lancaster
Henry Lee ... Ken Yoshihara
Michael Nose ... Mark Ogawe
Shai Wilson ... Cassidy Holden

ZMDB rating: 6/10 (1 votes)

”In The Future . . . Gangsters And Demons Will Collide“

The world has gone to Hell. A war took place, and crime has exploded all over. But even worse, a combination of demons and zombies have been used to enforce the law. These demonic creatures are almost impossible to kill. Icarus Van Calder is a PI who gets hired to get an old tape. He must fight both Yakuza and Xenobites. What is on the tape? Can Icaurs manage to survive?

Zombometer rating: 4 / 5
Zombie-like creatures

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, demons, feature film, science fiction, mafia
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A Pleasant Surprise

Xenobites turns out to be a fun movie, especially since I hadn't expected it to feature anything close to zombies. The acting was pretty damn good. The film never gets dull, despite being almost two hours long. It was filmed with a black and white style. There was more added color as the film went on. The film was a lot of fun to watch. I give Xenobites a rating of 6 out of 10.
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