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Moonlight (2011)
Crescent Moon Phantom
Aliens And Kong Kong Zombie (1989)
The Aliens And Kong Kong Zombie, Oegyien-gwa Kong Kong gang-shi
Ghost And The Seven Rascals (1988)
Ghost And Seven Rascals
Devil's Vindata (1986)
Devil's Vindetta
First Vampire In China (1986)
The First Vamire In China, Mao Shan Xiao Tang
Hot Dogs On The Run! (1990)
"Hotdogs On The Run!"
The Ultimate Vampire (1987)
Jiang Shi Zhi Zun, Spiritual Family
Vampire Child (1987)
Vampire Strikes Back
Aloha Little Vampire Story (1987)
Aloha The Little Vampire
Close Encounter of the Vampire (1986)
Hey, Ghost!, Jiangshi Papa
Mr. Vampire (1985)
Jiangshi Xiansheng, Mr. Dracula
Dragon Against Vampires (1985)
Close Encounter of the Vampire, Dragon vs. Vampire
Mr. Vampire 2 (1985)
Jiangshi xian shong xuji, Jiangshi jiazu
Vampire Controller (2001)
Gon shut sin sang
Ghoul Sex Squad (1991)
Jiangshi Yantan, Gyonsi Yim Tam, Love Stories of the Living Dead, Phap Sa Du Tinh (Vietnamese Title)
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