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Raw Force (1981)

akas: Shogun Island
category: movie
usa, 84 min.

Directed by:


ZMDB rating: 3/10 (2 votes)

A group of curious folks head to the legendary Warrior's Island in the South Pacific. When they get there they discover all of the following: a group of cannibal monks, disgraced martial arts zombies, a gang of Neo-Nazis, and young women in danger. Will they survive?

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5

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A Complete and Total Mess

To say that this movie is awful is probably a compliment. This thing is completely and utterly bad in every way possible. The zombies take way too long to show up and then they are useless at fighting. No wonder they were disgraced martial artists. They can't fight very well. The Neo-Nazi leader has a Hitler mustache in case there's any doubt about his affiliation. The cannibal monks spend most of their time cackling evilly. And, to top it all off, a number of Piranha have somehow magically swam all the way from South America to the Pacific and adapted to a salt water environment to devour anyone who falls in the water. Competely silly. Good for bad movie enthusiasts.
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