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Feeding the Masses (2005)

category: movie

Directed by:

Patrick Cohen ... Roger
Walter Cotter ... Chad Santos
William DeCoff ... Agent Barnes
Angelo Fierro ... Mysterious Man
Jeremy Owen ... Tate

ZMDB rating: 6/10 (6 votes)

As a zombie outbreak occurs in Providence, RI, the government takes over a television station and tries to keep normality amongst the citizens by feeding them lies and ultimately sending them out of their homes to their death. A group of young reporters uses the epidemic to get their big break in reporting. They decide to tell the public what is really going on cause conflict between the government and themselves

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5

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Truly An Original

You know, originality isn't a term that I throw around too much when it comes to zombie movies. Most zombie movies tend to have the same plot in slightly different variations. In recent months, with the spate of zombie movies, the repetitive plots of most zombie films again shows itself. Not that I mind it, but it's always nice to see someone try to take the genre in a new direction or at least try to do something different with the same old plot. And that's what we have here. The creators of Feeding the Masses use the zombie invasion as a background to examine the mass media, journalism and the nature of the government. The acting in here is pretty decent and I could genuinely believe that these were reporters trying to get the story. The writers of the film also did a good job creating some realistic characters as some of the reporters as simply motivated by personal glory and a desire to be the center of attention. However, others really do want to inform and help the people as they find themselves covering a horrifying tale. There are some touching, horrifying and humorous moments in here. There is some nasty, direct social commentary in here as well about both the press and the government. Overall, this is an excellent zombie movie and the creators are to be congratulated for doing something different and daring with the zombie genre. Available on DVD.
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