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Hard Rock Zombies (1984)

category: movie
usa, 90 min.

Directed by:

E. J. Curcio ... Jesse
Jennifer Coe ... Cassie
Sam Mann ... Hard Rock Zombie
Geno Andrews ... Hard Rock Zombie
Mick Manz ... Hard Rock Zombie
Lisa Toothman ... Elsa
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Ted Wells ... Ron
Crystal Shaw ... Mrs. Buff
Jack Bliesener ... Hitler
Emmanuel Shipow ... Grandfather
Christopher Perkins ... Christian
Michael David Simms ... Don Matson
Phil Fondacaro ... Mickey
Richard Vidan ... The Sheriff
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Special Effects:

ZMDB rating: 4/10 (8 votes)

A hard rock band comes to what seems to be a very straight-laced town. The residents of the town do not approve of the arrival of these rockers. So they do the simple thing . . . they kill them. The rockers come back as zombies and start to battle their killers who turn out to be Nazi zombies, including Hitler himself. Will they play their gig?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5

Movie keywords:
gore, comedy, nazis, hard rock, nazi, rock,
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User reviews (1)

Dumb Fun

No one will ever consider this film as a classic. In fact, it's pretty damn bad. But I'd take this rock-n-roll one over Death Metal Zombies any day of the week. This film for all of its flaws, of which there are many, still ends up being a lot of dumb fun. Turn on the video, shut down the brain, and let the fun begin. The music isn't half bad either, although I'm not surprised these guys didn't win any Grammies.
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