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Hollywood Shuffle (1987)

category: movie
usa, 81 min.

Directed by:

Robert Townsend ... Bobby Taylor
Craigus R. Johnson ... Stevie Taylor
John Witherspoon ... Mr. Jones
Roy Fegan ... Jesse Wilson

ZMDB rating: 5/10 (3 votes)

An African-American man tries to make it in Hollywood. He finds himself trapped in stereotypical roles. He has a number of dreams/fantasies about pontential roles and films he could be in. One of these involves some African-American men reviewing movies, one of which involves zombie pimps.

Zombometer rating: 1 / 5
Zombie pimps briefly appear in a fantasy sequence.

Movie keywords:
comedy, fantasy, parody, racial issues,
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HIlarious and Relevant

This movie is truly a gem. It manages to both be funny and to have a good message as well. It brillaintly parodies stereotypes that Hollywood continues to use in their films and TV shows. There are many moments in here that are extremely hilarious. Even more impressive, this movie is autobiographical and comes from Robert Townsend's own experiences. Great stuff. I give this film 8 out of 10.
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