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The Plague of the Zombies (1966)

akas: The Zombie, The Zombies
category: movie
uk, 100 min.

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ZMDB rating: 5/10 (5 votes)

Very impressive and atmospheric movie from Hammer Studios. A young woman and her father stumble upon the mining operation of an evil English noble who uses the revived corpses of the dead to be his miners (at the rate they're going, it will take him 10,000 years to get anything of value). Notable for the dream sequence of zombies crawling out of their graves. Well made movie overall.

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5

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Really Blew Away My Expectations

Being released in 1966, before NOTLD, I knew there wouldn't be any flesh-eating in THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES, and it'd probably just be a "man controls zombies to do his bidding" kinda movie - which it was. But this Hammer Horror doesn't use blood and gore and tits to draw you in, it uses good old-fashioned storytelling, and does so in abundance. The plot unfolds at just the right pace. And not only that, but the acting is incredibly believable, and the sets seemingly authentic. Apparently this is one of the best Hammer Horror movies (I've only seen this one) made, and I'm prone to believe it. 7/10 as a regular movie, 8/10 as a zombie flick.
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