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October Nightmare (2007)

category: movie
usa, 70 min.

Directed by:

Todd Brown ... Dr. Allan
Derek Brainard ... Jordon
Kit Bateman ... Teenage Psycho
Kirk Klemme ... Brock Pendelton
Matt Miller ... William
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Chris J. Miller ... The Ghoul
Sean Stearley ... Beach Bum
Santino Ramos ... Indigo Diaz
Matt Bozeman ... Otto
Lydia Blaisdell-Miller ... Nazi Commander Wanda
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ZMDB rating: 2/10 (4 votes)

In the first segment a mad scientist creates a wolfman, a cannibalistic killer, and a zombie. Mayhem ensues.

Zombometer rating: 1 / 5
zombie rises from a slab

Movie keywords:
cannibalism, splatter, horror, mad scientist, slasher, feature film, anthology, cannibal, collection, mondo splatter collection
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Amusing For The Wrong Reasons

One serious problem with this movie is that all the stories are blended together, making it very difficult to follow. But I still managed to enjoy this film for all the wrong reasons. What made the film the most fun was the awful acting. The players in the film felt the need to scream their lines rather than read them. The dancing raccoon was a classic bad movie moment as well. The plot still is a sore spot in being impossible to follow. I give this film 6 out of 10 for really bad acting.
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