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Stitches (2012)

category: movie
ireland, 87 min.

Directed by:

Ross Noble ... Stitches
Tommy Knight ... Tom

ZMDB rating: 7/10 (1 votes)

”Bad Clown.“

Stitches is a rather bad clown as he gets caught banging away at a woman. He then heads of to a kid's party where the children are absolute brats. The kids are so bad they accidentally kill him. Many years later, the kids, now much older, have one last party for Tommy. Stitches comes back from the grave as a vengeful zombie and starts to kill them all. Can any of them survive this intelligent zombie clown? Will anyone believe Tommy as he seems to be the only one that can see Stitches? Will any survive?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Zombie clown seeks vengeance

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, feature film, killer clown
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Go Zombie Clown

Stitches follows the formula of horror films that want viewers to cheer for the villains. You make the human characters so annoying that you can't wait until they die. Such is the case here. They were brats as kids, but they're even worse as adults. But there were a couple of likeable ones . . . eventually. The acting was pretty good. Russ Noble really stands out, though, for his performance as Stitches. He obviously had a lot of fun with the role. There are a lot of creative death scenes in here. The make-up, blood and gore were all top-notch. I did root for Stitches most of the time. Clowns are indeed scary. I give Stitches a rating of 7 out of 10.
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