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Canswer (2013)

category: movie
canada, 83 min.

Directed by:

Robert Nolan ... Cillian
Eric Hicks ... Uninfected
Brian Quintero ... Uninfected

ZMDB rating: 10/10 (1 votes)

A man, Cillian, flees from a horde of zombies. A woman, Ellen, calls to him and he climbs a ladder onto a roof where she had taken shelter. Cillian and Ellen are temporarily safe, but the zombies surround the building, so they have really nowhere to go. Both have secrets from their past. They both struggle with their inner demons and trying to get along with each other. Things get complicated when Cillian tries something with Ellen. It also appears that he might be sick. Both debate whether they should carry on or hold onto hope. What is this mysterious green slime showing up on the roof? Where is it from? Will both live? What is real? What is fantasy? Can they keep going?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
A man and woman are trapped on a roof by zombies.

Movie keywords:
gore, horror, insanity, feature film, disease
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One of the Best

First, thank you to Arcilesi Films for giving me a chance to watch a screener for purposes of this review. One nice thing about ZMDB is that I get a chance to review films before they come out sometimes. The quality of the films can often vary, although I like most zombie movies that I watch, admittedly. Only rarely do I despise a zombie movie. But, once in awhile, a true diamond comes across my path. Canswer is one of those priceless films that works on every level and ranks among the best zombie movies I've seen in a long time. Canswer is fantstic and can hold it's own against any zombie movie out there. What works so well here are the two most important keys to the film's success--the great acting and fantastic story and dialogue. Most of Canswer takes place on the roof and portrays the interaction between Cillian and Ellen. Much of the film is dialogue between the two characters. I've seen zombie films that rely on dialogue before and things can easily go wrong. If you have bad actors, long periods of talk will rapidly become boring. If you have a bad script, you can have the greatest actors in the world and things won't work. In Canswer, both issues never come up. Robert Nolan and Sarah Cunningham are fantastic actors. They have a great chemistry between them. They both portray just the right amount of emotions to make the events of the film that much more powerful. There's no overacting or underacting. A truly remarkable job by both performers. But due credit must also be given to the way the characters were created. Both Cillian and Ellen have a lot to like about them, but also some dislikeable qualities as well. In other words, they are portrayed as being human beings and complex creatures caught in a horrifying situation. The characterization reminded me in a very positive way of the personalities of individuals in The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Another element Canswer shares with those two is great dialogue and strong story. There have been moments in both shows where characters talking and actors performing have mesmerized myself and others who watched it. Morgan talking about the fate of his son in "Clear" in the Walking Dead. Jamie Lannister talking about being considered a Kingslayer. Tyrion rejecting his family and the betrayal of his true love in Game of Thrones. Those were all fantastic character moments. Canswer has those type of moments. The dialogue between the characters and their inner secrets work very well and are truly compelling. The make-up in the film was excellent, but the main focus was the storyline. The camerawork and setting were excellent. The ending shorts were just fantastic and set the perfect mood for the dilemma the characters faced in here. Canswer is a fantastic movie on every level. It is a work of pure genius. I can only hope we'll see more zombie movies from Arcilesi Productions in the future. I give Canswer an enthusiastic rating of 10 out of 10.
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