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Desert (2013)

akas: Desierto, The Desert
category: movie
argentina, 100 min.

Directed by:

William Prociuk ... Jonathan
Lucas Lagre ... Zombie

ZMDB rating: 10/10 (1 votes)

The zombie apocalypse took place and wiped out most of the world. Three survivors stay together in Argentina, Ana, Axel and Jonathan. They seem to have things very well organized. They find some old video tapes and start making recordings. They talk about their feelings, and some revelations that complicate their relationships soon come to light. One guy covers himself in tattoos for every zombie he kills. Will he leave as promised when he's done. Ana creates a name for every zombie she kills. What will happen when the two men actually bring a zombie home, whom they dub Pythagoras? What will happen as this love triangle between the three survivors heats up?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Three people try to survive zombies and each other

Movie keywords:
horror, drama, feature film, romance, post-apocalyptic, love triangle
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An Incredible Movie And Character Study

The Desert is an amazing film. I'm glad it came out on Amazon Instant Video and on DVD. The Desert is a remarkable movie that tells a fascinating story of three survivors. The Desert is much more of a character study than an all out action, zombie killing gorefest. But that's what makes this movie so good. The three main characters in here are all fascinating and likeable to one degree or another. You really care about these folks and their situation. Although one might argue about the foolishness of having a love triangle with three people there. But emotions aren't things that are easily controlled. And they do ask themselves the same questions, which was great. I loved this film on every level. The ending packs a huge emotional wallop. I give The Desert a rating of 10 out of 10.
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