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Zombieworld (2015)

category: movie
usa / spain / mexico / australia / great britain, 100 min.

Directed by:
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Bill Oberst, Jr. ... Marvin Gloatt
Jeff Newman ... Friend
Zach Price ... Ed
Marc Velasco ... Jesus Christ
Noe Blancafort ... Judas
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ZMDB rating: 9/10 (1 votes)

”The End Is Here!“

The zombies have taken over the world, and a variety of different accounts of their reign of terror unfold. In Dark Times, by directors Peter Horn and Jared Marshall, we see a legion of people running from the dead, encountering all different kinds of zombies. There are zombies that change their behavior. It's right around Christmas. An even strange monster shows up. In Zombie News, directed by Jesse Baget, a news anchor gets attacked by zombies and proceeds to present reports to the audience as he slowly transforms into a zombie himself. In Fist of Jesus, directed by David Munoz and Adrian Cardona, we see one of the first encounters with zombies as Jesus himself fights zombies. In How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse, a four-part short film saga directed by Vedran Marjanovic Wekster, there are Public Service Announcements on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. But will these tips be worth it? In I Am So Lonely, directed by Phil Haine, we journey to Ireland where a new type of zombie attacks. One man has fled from the zombies. Can he survive? And how will he handle the changes to his best friend? In Dead Stop, directed by Tommy Woodard, we get footage from a convenience store. What will happen when the police are confronted by a changing victim? What about this other woman? In Home, directed by Cameron McCulloch, we see how a married woman has handled the zombie apocalypse and the devastating losses that have taken place in her life. Another installment of How demonstrates what to do in the event of fast zombies. In Dead Rush, directed by Zach Ramelan, a group of people in a school or office try to survive. We see all the events from one person's POV. In Teleportal, directed by Paul Shrimpton, a young man gets drawn into an actual zombie video game. Can he survive in there? Certified, directed by Luke Asa Guidici, a man reads a zombie comic book. He'sthe postman. He runs into a little girl and her family. The little girl tells of a great family tragedy. But the dead are no longer staying dead . . . A third entry in the How series gives more important lessons to survive in the world of zombies. Next to last, Brutal Relax from Adrian Cardona chronicles how even a bad-ass zombie fighter can't seem to catch a break from the living dead. And how does the zombie newscast end up? And Marathon Apocalypse shows that even a fast runner may not be able to stay ahead of the dead.

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Zombie shorts from around the world

Movie keywords:
gore, splatter, horror, comedy, feature film, anthology, news
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Dreadfully Excellent

Dread Central's first anthology effort, Zombieworld, ends up being a fantastic collection of zombie shorts. It's truly masterful combining films that have slow zombies to fast zombies to ones that are serious to ones that are comedies. There are moving short films that could bring a viewer to tears combined with ones that will have you laughing your ass off. Now, the tone is inconsistent, but considering the way Zombieworld was constructed, such a thing would be unavoidable. The wraparound segments with Bill Oberst Jr. playing the slowly zombifying newsman are great and do tie it all together. I've watched a number of these shorts before. Home is definitely one of the best ones in here. It's great to see Adrian Cardona and Eskoria Films get two shorts in here, hopefully getting this very talented group of Spanish filmmakers the greater recogniniton they truly deserve. Teleportal was a welcome sight as well. I also really liked Certified, which was inspired by a classic horror/comedy story by Saki, aka H.H. Munro. I really hope there will more editions of Zombieworld, but I look forward to Monsterworld. I give Zombieworld a rating of 9 out of 10.
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