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Di Ingon 'Nato (2011)

akas: Not Like Us
category: movie
phillipines, 104 min.

Directed by:

Gregg Tecson ... Pinong
Gabriel Jon Abanto ... Nat-Nat
Jefrey Ogario ... Istoy
Donna Gimeno ... Maribel
Mercedes Cabral ... Yenna
Franco Reyes ... Dario
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Rez Cortez ... Lauro
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ZMDB rating: 9/10 (1 votes)

Maribel is a young woman who has gotten a medical education, but has chosen to come back to her very isolated community to help out. This isolated region of the Phillipines even has their own dialect. There's more superstition about medical treatment than actual modern medicine. That rooting in superstition turns out to have disastrous consequences. A disease causes people to die and then come back to life as zombies. It starts out slowly, with the finding of a strange woman in a cemetery. Another local gets bitten, and soon enough a full fledged zombie outbreak is taking place. Can Maribel do anything to stop it? Will medical knowledge or superstition rule the day? Will anyone manage to survive?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Zombie infection in isolated village

Movie keywords:
gore, horror, feature film, disease, isolation, fear
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Di Ingon 'Nato (2011) Poster art Di Ingon 'Nato (2011) Poster art
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User reviews (1)

A Truly Great, Deadly Serious Zombie Movie

I have, quite literally, been searching for a copy of Di Ingon 'Nato for years. And I finally managed to locate a copy online, and even better it had English subtitles. And thank God for that as I would have had incredible trouble following the storyline without those English subs. And the film unfolds pretty slowly at first, so without those subs, I would probably have found the film to be dull. But the subtitles make it clear what's going on. I liked how the creators establish this area's isolation, reflecting it in the character's beliefs and lifestyle. But once the zombie outbreak starts, the movie never lets up. This is not a comedy as a number of Filipino movies tend to be. Not Like Us is a deadly serious horror movie. There's plenty of tragedy in here. The acting was very strong in the movie. The make-up, especially, in the full-zombie outbreak was fantastic. It was a genuine surprise to see that the film had no comic elements. I liked how the characters put aside both superstition and medical beliefs to fight the zombies. The ending was very powerful. Thank you again for the subtitles. But there were some unintentionally hilarious ones where someone is eating dinner and announces that they really loved that delicious "tuba." I'm guessing that was supposed to be TUNA, but the other one is hilarious to think about. Di Ingon 'Nato needs to get distribution in the Phillipines and here in the USA. I give Di Ingon 'Nato a rating of 9 out of 10.
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