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Inglorious Hunterz (2016)

category: movie
italy, 87 min.

Directed by:

Andrea Biondi ... Romano Tebaldi
Andrea Morolli ... Gloriano Pelloni
Roberto Angelini ... Padre Benelli
Federica Castellani ... Sara Angelucci
Claudio Zulato ... Claudio Muragna
Stefano Rossini ... Professor Verraten

ZMDB rating: 7/10 (1 votes)

Toward the end of World War II, the Nazis create legions of zombies and even a UFO to find a way to keep Hitler alive. It falls to a group of rough and tumble Italian malcontents to stop them. But can this evil be stopped? Will these Inglorious Hunterz stop them? Or will there be a new Reich?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Stop Nazi zombies and aliens

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, feature film, parody
added: october 26th 2016 23:40:45,  last modified: october 26th 2016 23:49:44
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Truly Divine Madness

Inglorious Hunterz started as a web series, but then it turned into a feature film as the creators put it all together. And the movie was a huge amount of fun to watch. The make-up was great. The acting was fun. It was all over-the-top, but that worked perfectly. The various lunatic ideas all worked in here. It was like watching an Italian Sharknado. It reminded me of the craziness of the golden age of Italian exploitation films in the 70s and 80. All involved in Inglorious Hunterz deserve a round of applause. Now if only it had been subtitled. Oh well, it was still a blast. I give Inglorious Hunterz a rating of 7 out of 10.
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