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Mythica: The Iron Crown (2016)

akas: Mythica 4: The Iron Crown
category: movie
usa, 97 min.

Directed by:

Jasen Wade ... Rezzek
James Gaisford ... Thorsten
Ashley Savitos ... Caia-Bekk
Eve Mauro ... The Admiral
Paris Warner ... Zombie Girl
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Melanie Stone ... Marek
Matthew Martin ... Szarlok
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ZMDB rating: 6/10 (1 votes)

The Necromancer Szarlok has been gathering new pieces of the Darkspore. Korjun Pie launches a last ditch, desperate attempt to stop him. They hope to get the Iron Crown that will allow it's wearer to gather all the tribes of Dwarves into one unifed force. Pie also attempts to stop the Necromancer in another dimension. Meanwhile, Marek, the female wizard, sets out to gather pieces of the Darkspore as well. But will it really work? The threat of the Necro Zombies continues to be present. One zombie woman even is allied with the group. Not everyone will make it out alive.

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5
Zombies appear

movie connections:
sequel to: Mythica: The Necromancer (2015)

Movie keywords:
horror, feature film, fantasy, magic
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Mythica: The Iron Crown (2016) Poster art Mythica: The Iron Crown (2016) Poster art
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A Little Bit Of Low Budget Magic

The Mythica series is actually quite good. It's no Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, but it still manages to be entertaining. Arrowstorm is getting quite good as producing these low budget films. The acting is pretty good. The visuals are very well done. The special effects are pretty decent as well. I liked the rather tough ending that saw the loss of some major characters and made other characters make some tough choices. However, the middle portion of the movie does drag quite a bit. It also felt, at times, as more of a transitional effort leading to the conclusion of the series in Mythica 5. Nonetheless, Mythica: The Iron Crown merits a rating of 6 out of 10.
rated: 6/10 by on
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