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Absolutely Anything (2015)

category: movie
great britain, 82 min.

Directed by:

Simon Pegg ... Neil
Kate Beckinsdale ... Catherine
Rob Riggle ... Grant
Robert Bathurst ... James Cleverill
Eddie Izzard ... Headmaster
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Robin Williams ... Voice of Dennis The Dog
John Cleese ... Chief Alien
Terry Gilliam ... Nasty Alien
Eric Idle ... Salubrious Gat
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ZMDB rating: 10/10 (1 votes)

”A Comedy That's Out Of This World!“
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”Great Power. Total Irresponsibility.“
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Neil is a down-on-his-luck school teacher. He's not very responsible. This lack of responsibility draws the attention of a group of aliens who grant him the power to do Absolutely Anything as a test of humanity. Neil's choice between good and evil will determine the fate of the world. Things don't go very well. Some unknowing mistakes cause disasters. One early use of powers causes a lot of zombies to rise from the dead. What will happen to his friend Ray? What about the beautiful Catherine and her insanely jealous ex, Grant. Things take on a new dimension when Neil's dog, Dennis, gains the ability to talk. How will it all end up? Will Neil make the right choices?

Zombometer rating: 1 / 5
Zombies appear in one sequence

Movie keywords:
aliens, comedy, feature film, wishes
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Utterly And Completely Hilarious

Absolutely Anything is an incredible movie and a truly delightful surprise. A huge thank you to Rue Morgue for the review that lead me to this movie. It's truly great material. Simon Pegg is great in this role. There's a ton of talent involved in this movie, including many talents connected to the legendary Monty Python troupe. And it was also touching to see Robin Williams in one of this last roles. The zombie material was hilarious, although it doesn't last very long. The main thing was the movie's plot was extremely clever and made great plays on words. It's just brilliantly done. The jokes come at you a mile a minute. The cause and effect humor is great. I loved every minute of it. Absolutely Anything earns a rating of 10 out of 10.
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