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Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein (2016)

akas: The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein
category: movie
germany, 107 min.

Directed by:

Mike Metz ... Dr. Victor Wolffenstein
Isabelle Aring ... Emily
Robin Czerny ... David
Julia Stenke ... Tina

ZMDB rating: 7/10 (1 votes)

”The Ultimate Experience In Violence And Gore“

The evil and crazy Dr. Victor Wolffenstien is at work in the 1930s. He makes a deal to make himself immortal, which works, but the side effect is that his flesh rots with necrosis. He essentially becomes a zombie-like being that must constantly replace limbs and flesh. He must kill others in order to survive. The villagers he preys on eventually rebel, and bury him. In the present, a group of friends come to part, and Doctor Wolffenstein returns as a zombie and begins to target these young people for destruction. How many will he kill? Will he restore himself? Can he finally be dispensed with forever?

Zombometer rating: 4 / 5
Zombie-like being

Movie keywords:
gore, splatter, horror, mad scientist, feature film, torture
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A Bloody Good Time

Marc Rohnstock continues to improve as a filmmaker with every film that he makes. He's always made gory movies, but The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein is easily his most polished work and much better than his previous ones in every department. The blood and gore is top notch here. And, boy, is it plentiful. The make-up is excellent, as Victor Wolffenstein looks truly scary. The only drawback was an overabundance of torture scenes. On the other hand, those scenes didn't last too long. I give The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein a rating of 7 out of 10.
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