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Alienween (2016)

category: movie
italy, 89 min.

Directed by:


ZMDB rating: 8/10 (1 votes)

”They Came From Outer Space . . . To Make One Hell Of A Party!“

Four friends head to an isolated area with a pretty bad history. They, quite naturally, run into some nasty things there. A meteor storm brings aliens to the Earth. One person changed entirely into an alien. Another becomes reanimated as a zombie combined with an alien. The remaining friends must try to survive on their own. But can they do so?

Zombometer rating: 4 / 5
Zombie-like beings

Movie keywords:
horror, aliens, comedy, feature film
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Now This Is How Italian Horror Cinema Should Be Done

Alienween is a great film that pays tribute to classic Italian science fiction and horror films. And it does it right. It takes events and turn them up to ten. A ton of blood and gore fly around here. The make-up in here is great. It is really disgusting and gross. I like that most of it was done via practical effects. That was very nice to see. There's a great re-enactment of a scene from Lucio Fulci's Zombie. Alienween rocks and I wish all modern Italian horror films were this good. I give Alienween a rating of 8 out of 10.
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