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Beyond The Night (2016)

category: movie
usa, 81 min.

Directed by:

Brennen Cowart ... Vinny
Rachel DeRouen ... Chloe
Zack Scott ... Ryan
Patricia Eakin ... Julia

ZMDB rating: 5/10 (1 votes)

A group of young people find themselves in danger as a zombie apocalypse unfolds. They are not sure on what to do. Can the military help? Can they escape? Will any of them escape? Are these zombies somehow intelligent?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Zombies invade a house

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, feature film, 360 film
added: march 27th 2018 20:24:25,  last modified: march 27th 2018 20:34:10
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Reserving My Judgment

When I first watched Beyond The Night, I must admit that I did not like it very much at all, but I must also acknowledge that I didn't watch the movie in the way it was intended to be shown. Beyond The Night is apparently shot to take advantage of those 360 degree/virtual reality devices. But I just watched it as if it were a regular movie on youtube. And watched like that, Beyond The Night isn't impressive. But it wasn't supposed to be watched like that. So I will reserve my judgment until such time, if that should ever happen, that I get the equipment to watch it properly. I will say make sure that you watch it in the way it was supposed to be seen. Otherwise, Beyond The Night will not be that entertaining.
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