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Patient Seven (2016)

category: movie
usa / great britain / iceland, 115 min.

Directed by:
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Michael Ironside ... Dr. Daniel Marcus
Vignir Rafn Valborrsen ... Zombie Chasing Woman
Jonathan Bokmon ... The Son
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Pernilla Thelaus ... The Undead
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ZMDB rating: 6/10 (1 votes)

Dr. David Marcus interviews seven patients. He hears their stories that involve the supernatural or violence. One tale involves vampires while another tackles demonic possession. Another tells the tale of a serial killer on Halloween. Two of them involve zombies. One, Undying Love, involves a man rescuing a woman from zombies, only for her to get a very nasty surprise at his home. In The Evaded, a mother and son try to survive in a hostile environment. They run into a female zombie. Will they survive?

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5
Zombies appear in a few stories

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, insanity, feature film, anthology
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Zombie Shorts Good, But Wraparound Drags It Down

Patient Seven isn't a terrible film. Naturally, some shorts are better than others. The slasher one is really well done. The Evaded is very strong as well. The others weren't terrible, but they didn't really stand out either. The main problem is the wraparound. Michael Ironside has the patient brought in, and before the story starts, the doctor will make some comments. This wouldn't be a problem if the introduction didn't give away the ending a couple of times. And then a few other times, the patient bears no resemblance to anyone in the short film. That really undercuts the story that these patients are in the asylum since these stories happened to them. The twist at the end did make it somewhat better. The acting in the stories was fairly good. Undying Love is especially good. But it was really awful that they undercut the stories far too many times. I give Patient Seven a rating of 6 out of 10.
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