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How to Dig Your Own Grave (2005)

category: short
usa, 26 min.

Directed by:

Amy Brown ... Alicia
Taylor Hart ... David
Neha Kharabanda ... Zombie

ZMDB rating: 3/10 (2 votes)

A young woman kills the love of her life when she finds him cheating on her. His lover, a witch, reads a spell to raise the dead. However, it doesn't work on him right away. Instead, it causes legions of zombies to rise from the dead, putting everyone in danger.

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Jealous woman raises zombies.

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, short film, revenge, jealousy, short,
added: may 24th 2008 00:34:18,  last modified: - 0th 0000 00:00:00
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Fun Short

This short film by Vegetable Thing Producitons is pretty fun to watch. The acting isn't great here, but it's still passable. The make-up is okay on the faces, but the rest of the body it is non-existent. It was pretty amusing for being so silly. However, it's worth watching. I give this movie 6 out of 10.
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