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Zombie Go Boom--The Series (2011)

category: short
usa, 8 min.

ZMDB rating: 10/10 (1 votes)

Zombie Go Boom is a pseudo-documenteray.comedyy series that tests weaons, tactics and all kinds of scenarios that deal with zombies. The first episode, Baseball Bat Test, takes a look at testing an aluminum vs wood Baseball Bat. Episode 2, Vinyl Record Test, tests whether it would be possible to kill a zombie with a vinyl record as seen in Shaun of the Dead. Episode 3, Shovel, Hoe, Augur Test, has three gardening products tested, including the Awesome Augur. Will any of them work? Next to be tested is the "Screwdriver Through The Ear Test". Can a screwdriver be used to stab a zombie through the eye or ear? In "Bowling Pin Test", a special request leads the crew to test whether a bowling pin could make a zombie go boom? The .22 Caliber Test involves a test of both long and short rifles that use .22 caliber ammo. The SOG Double Headed Battle Axe Test puts to the test said weapon made by the SOG company. Will it work? And will it be like in the movies? "The Katana Test" features a brief short film with a Frat Guy with a store brought katana up against a ninja with a real katana of folded steel. What will happen when they put their weapons to the test against zombies? In "Homemade Flamethrower," three items are tested: 1. the title item. 2. Sock and soap. 3. An old-fashioned TV. "The Death Dagger Test" puts a dagger to the test against a zombie. What will the limitations, if any, be? The Episode "Chainsaw vs. Machete" features Jason and Leatherface demonstrating which weapon would be more effective against a zombie. Then in "Zombies vs. Jason vs. Leatherface," the two slasher icons throw down with a horde of zombies. "The Machete Chopper" features the ZGB crew testing out a shortened machete. How will it work against an actual zombie? "The Annihilator Test" examines a composite tool/weapon known as "The Annihilator." The results prove to be quite spectacular. The Dual Saw is put to the test next. How will this weapon work against the zombie? What are the advantages it possesses? What are the problems? Will it make some zombies go boom? "The Sjambok" is tested next as the African whip is put tot he test? "The Spiked War Club" goes retro with a weapon used by Native Americans. How will it work against zombies? The second season begins "The Walking Dead Put To the Test," a number of different weapons from The Walking Dead are put to the test. The Walking Dead "Season 3 Machete Test" comes up next. A "Spiked Baseball Bat is used against the zombie heads. A "Homemade Zombie Mace" gets a test for it's quality and effectiveness as a weapon. How will it work? "Resident Evil Machete" puts a weapon from the popular video game series to the test. A test of a different sort takes stage with "Zombies The Skateboard Test" as a skateboard is attempted to be used as a weapon. Will it actually work? A much more effect weapons takes center stage with the huge "Skyrim Great Sword Test" is unleashed about the zombie heads. And the Machinma series, Bite Me, is welcomed as the weapons used on that show are put to the test in two separate episodes. In Zombies And Ninjas, a new entry presents a short film on how to be a jackass in the zombie apocalypse. Then a funny commercial unfolds with a ninja in it. In "Tbe Cabin In The Woods" Bear Trap Axe Test" one method used to kill zombies in Cabin In The Woods is put to the test. What effect could a bear trap have on a zombie? And In the "Skyrim Viking Axe Test Part One," a mighty bad-ass weapon based on a Viking weapon is used against the Ivan Heads. In "Miami Zombie Attack," the episode revolves around the Miami Bath Salt zombie attack. Myths are dispelled about it, and suggestion are made how to deal with such a situation. A Ford Mustang is put to the test in Ford Mustang Test. What exactly can be done with a car? Another episode deals with three topics, of "Cutlass Machete, Car vs. Bike, and How To Hold A Gun." Can you "Make A Shield Out of A Satellite Dish?" Zombie Go Boom is on the case. And the question of which is a more effective weapon--an electric guitar or acoustic guitar is examined. And a pole axe is also tested. In "Car, House, Shield," a special report looks at what people should do if your car breaks down, how to fortify a house, and other ways to make a shield. The ZGB crew answers the explosive question of "Can Fireworks Kill A Zombie?" Two "Zombies vs. Ninjas" are put to the test with the test of the Ninjato, a Ninja's sword, as well as a katana. And then a set of nunchuks and shuriken are put to the test. "Black Ops Zombies--M48 Tomahawk Test enters the realm of the Black Ops Zombies game and tests a tomahawk. A cool bonus is that an actual veteran soldier makes the test here. How will this multi-purpose weapon fare? To celebrate the 2012 Olympics, Zombie Go Boom presents the Apocalympics. First up is attempting to use an Olympic Torch to kill the zombies. Will it work? Another episode chronicles how a "Homemade Spear vs. Zombie" will unfold. ZGB makes a funny short film with "Minecraft Bathroom Zombie Attack, in which Jim is playing Minecraft, and goes to the bathroom. Sure enough, a zombie shows up and attacks him. Can Jim use whatever is there to save himself? Bizarre weapons take center stage as "A Lock In A Sock/Newspaper Club" and "Newspaper Brass Knuckles" are put to the zombie test.

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Various weapons are tested on zombies.

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, survival, short films, online series, weapons, weapons testing
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Sheer Brilliance

I love this online series. This is how to do a show about weapons. Unlike that "Macabre World Of the Zombie Hunter," it doesn't bore one to tears with endless scenes of people shooting and it doesn't get so techinical as Operation Z that most people will lose interest. The hosts are very funny. They give you enough description to know what's going on. They have good demonstrations and they keep it short and sweet. This is a great series that could go one for ages. Great stuff. I give Zombie Go Boom a rating of 10 out of 10.
rated: 10/10 by on
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