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Reviled--The Series (2015)

category: short
usa, 36 min.

Directed by:

Eric Robinson ... Gatekeeper
Anna Zaccaria ... Shotgun Girl
Branch Shiflett ... Charlie
Ron Smith ... Shotgun Pit Guard
Randy Boyer ... First Zombie

ZMDB rating: 8/10 (2 votes)

A group of rednecks get together for fun in the zombie apocalypse. They get their jollies from having zombies fight each other. A couple of fights take place. One zombie has trouble in the brawl. They try to put him back together, but that might be easier said than done. Not to mention, what exactly are the rules for these fights? What might happen if one zombie gets loose? Episode 2 shows how this group continues their rapid descent into darkness. How far will this zombie pit fighting go? Do they ever use real humans? One man, Frank, wonders about what exactly they are doing. What will happen when Sykes gets stopped by the cops? What role do the female zombies play? What happens when someone violates the rules?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Zombie fights

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, short film, fighting, online series
added: june 16th 2015 00:47:59,  last modified: june 14th 2018 01:40:41
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Fear The Dead, Despise The Living

Reviled Episode 2 is really starting to grow on me. I can see how the series will endeavor to explore just how awful society might become in the zombie apocalypse. The dead are almost preferable to the living. Seriously, the men in here must be so ridiculously desperate to do what is depicted in here. It's truly a disgusting vision of the future. At least the creators bring in Frank to speak for the viewers and raise questions about what is going on. The make-up is excellent. The acting is very good. The story is well written and very disturbing. Reviled Episode 2 merits a rating of 9 out of 10.
rated: 9/10 by on
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