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Suspension Of Disbelief--The Series (2015)

category: short
usa, 24 min.

Directed by:

Adena Brumer ... Sally
Madi York ... Dani
Madeline Hatter ... Willa
Ronny Mathew ... Donovan
Dan Van Hiel ... Doombringer Killstein

ZMDB rating: 5/10 (1 votes)

Four women form the "heroic" group known as The Salvagers. But these four women would rather just hang around the bar and talk. In Episode 6, Porch Zombies, some zombies come through the Hellgate. Can the women find a way to stop them? Will they actually do anything?

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5
zombies appear in one episode

Movie keywords:
comedy, fantasy, short films, web series
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How About A Suspension Of Talking

Suspension of Disbelief isn't such a bad idea as a series. The idea of four women heroes who don't want to do anything could be funny. There are quite a number of humorous observations in here. There are quite a few hilariously cheesy effects in the series as a whole. The watermelon monster is quite a hoot. But, overall, the women spend the vast majority of the running time talking and talking and talking. There are only a few moments of action in each episode. I found after awhile the episode got to be very tedious and dull. The running time of the episodes really needed to be shorter. Even the zombie episode got pretty dull from all the talking. Some people might like it more, but for me I found it to be just average. I give Suspension of Disbelief a rating of 5 out of 10.
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