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Crisis--The Series (2011)

category: short
usa, 12 min.

Directed by:

Matthew Mounteer ... Johnny Lewis
Gabe Bileci ... Todd
Kellen Gibbs ... Jack

ZMDB rating: 7/10 (4 votes)

In Episode 1, The Beginning of the End, the zombie apocalypse has begun and a group of young friends has managed to survive. Johnny Lewis may well be humanity's last hope. Three young men, Jack, Eric, and Todd, help Johnny. They will track across the country. Johnny remembers losing his father and going with his friends. But the zombies are already taking their toll. Episode 2, The Human Cure, has the father of Johnny revealing what he knows about the zombies. Johnny continues to travel with his friends. They find out that Johnny has been injected with the cure. They need to get him to a group of other scientists. But two friends face a tough choice. Episode 3, Evolution, has Johnny continuing his journey, but only at a very high price. The last scientist is despairing as well. The friends aren't together any more. The virus has mutated. Will the formula even work now? The lead scientist had demonstrated differences in them. Can Johnny be saved? Season 1 reaches its penultimate entry with Episode 4, Breaking Point, where footage is revealed from the early days of the crisis. Some of the friends suffer bloody deaths. There seems to be a reunion. But can it last? Can they make it? The survivors debate on what to do. Questions of religion and blame are tossed about. A huge shock is revealed about Johnny that could change everything. Episode 5, Restoring Faith, brings the first season to a close with an extended 49 minutes entry. The final confrontations take place. Many revelations are brought to light. The scope of the infection and the infected are revealed. Johnny faces a new relationship that could help humanity in the future. But will he have time to be able to do anything. What kind of sacrifice has to be made? How many will die? Who will survive? Is there any hope for the future? Season 2, Crisis: Remnants, begins with "A Changed World" as the salvation of the world turns out not to be quite what anyone had imagined. The young lady loved by both Johnny and Eric finds herself captured by raiders. They don't believe her claims that everything has gotten better. Time passes by. An escape attempt is made. The young lady gets a shock that will change her future. Episode 202, Survival of the Fittest, begins with Ayla being pursued by the hunters Troy sends after her. But why is he so obsessed with finding her? Could she threaten his power? Another young man continues his search for a rumored cure, and runs into a familiar figure in the forest. Will this one be helpful?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Zombie apocalypse begins

Movie keywords:
horror, short film, apocalypse, online series
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Nice Explanations--Review of Episode 202

Episode 202 is quite a good episode, in large measure, because the creators actually take time to explain why the various characters are behaving as they are. It's nice to see some attention to the basics. That's a nice change of pace. I give Episode 202, Survival of the Fittest, a rating of 8 out of 10.
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