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Friday Nite Frights--The Series (2015)

category: short
usa, 31 min.

Directed by:

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ZMDB rating: 6/10 (4 votes)

Friday Nite Frights is a series of cheesy short movies by filmmaker Chris DeJoseph. All of them are b-grade homages and introduced by a zombie host. In the 2015 entry, In The Blood of Night, a hillbilly's stepdad has been killed, leaving his son very angry. He believes that a hooker caused it. He contacts a witchdoctor to raise a zombie from the grave to take revenge by killing the prostitute. Things with the zombie soon spiral out of control. More zombies are created. Can they be stopped? Will the hillbilly get his revenge? Or will the zombie apocalypse happen? In the short, Schoolgirls Meet The Ghouls (2006), zombies have risen from their graves. It might be from a meteor. What does the crazed doctor want here? Can anyone stop the zombies? What will happen to two young schoolgirls? In Reflections of Evil, a writer rents an old house, wanting to take a vacation and get inspired for ideas. He has some serious problems as there is an ancient mirror. When he looks into it, zombies are unleashed. Will any of the young women around there be safe? In "Count Gore Craves Virgin Blood," a zombie host introduces a film that concerns the resurrection of Count Gore. The vampire focuses on female victims. Will some detectives be able to stop him? Some zombies appear in here as well. In Crypt of the Unliving Dead, a group of mobsters are trying to find some money for their boss at a cemetery. Unfortunately for the mobsters, there are a ton of zombies at this cemetery as well. How will the mafia fare against the living dead?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
Zombies appear in multiple entries

Movie keywords:
horror, comedy, exploitation, short films, online series
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Another Hilarious B-Grade Bizarrity--Count Gore Review

Count Gore is another hilarious entry in the Friday Nite Frights series. It is really hilarious in its cheapness. It's bad, but it's supposed to be that way. The story is ridiculous. The vampire "costume" is a rubber mask. I love these z-grade movies. I give Count Gore Craves Virgin Blood a rating of 6 out of 10.
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