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Life, Death And Sins (2013)

category: short
italy, 43 min.

Directed by:


ZMDB rating: 5/10 (1 votes)

A number of sins are visualized for viewers, many involving torture and mutilation. A couple feature zombies or zombie-like beings. The first tale features some women turning into zombies. Two women change into zombie-like beings at the end and devour a bad man.

Zombometer rating: 4 / 5
Zombie-like beings

Movie keywords:
gore, horror, short film, torture
added: may 18th 2017 00:32:58,  last modified: may 18th 2017 00:43:08
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Artistic Horror?

The DVD description of Life, Death And Sins proclaimed this film was an attempt to create an artistic and experimental horror film. I must admit that I was not very impressed by it. There was too much torture and mutilation for my taste. It isn't as bad as some films that are all torture, but that kind of stuff I find dull unless there is a very specific purpose and reason it's there. The other segments were pretty good. The make-up wasn't bad at all. I just wasn't impressed. I give Life, Death And Sins a rating of 5 out of 10.
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