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World of Death--The Series (2016)

category: short
usa / canada, 8 min.

Directed by:
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Christopher Knight ... Episode 10--The Table
John Garcia ... Episode 10--The Table
Lauren Allsop ... Episode 10--The Table

ZMDB rating: 7/10 (5 votes)

In Episode 4, Marsupials / Dead Crossing, a group of immigrants try to cross into the USA. They find something far worse than the Border Patrol. Will they be able to escape? Episode 10, Manhood/The Table, features Matt Hanchey's The Table. The tale is of a perverted pathologist who does more than just autopsy bodies. He likes to have some "fun" with them. What will happen when those bodies reanimate as zombies? Episode 17, Magnifying Glass/Bendicion De Madre, a mother attempts to save her daughter with the use of voodoo. Director Lex Ortega reveales what happens when the spell is cast too late. Episode 25, Matrimony / J'Meen, features Matrimony by Derek Bensonhauer in which a husband finds his house being robbed. It turns out that the crooks picked a really bad house to rob as there's a very nasty secret in the basement. Episode 26, Malice/Munchies, feature Malice directed by Michale Crum. Malice has a young woman who tries to escape from a demon and its zombie servants. She has visions of naked couples around her? Why does the demon make her watch this? What is going on here? Will she survive? Can she escape? Episode 27, Necrotic/E-Mail, features another zombie entry. In Necrotic, directed by Ross Williams, a woman runs away from a horde of zombies. She has been bitten. She gets into her house. But where have all the zombies gone? She starts to sees strange visions and odd realities. What is really going on here?

Zombometer rating: 2 / 5
Various episodes feature zombies

Movie keywords:
gore, horror, comedy, short films, online series
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Episode 27--Amazing Entry

Episode 27's zombie entry, Necrotic, is an amazing short film. It is one of the best ones they've had so far. The make-up is great. The blood and gore is top notch. The best thing, though, is the quality of the writing and storytelling. It was a ton of excellent portions. I give Necortic a rating of 9 out of 10.
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