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To Save One's Self (2012)

category: short
canada, 13 min.

Directed by:

Tommy Douglas ... Father
Meagan Buggey ... Mother
Gracyn Shinvei ... Daughter
Michael Lewinson ... Goon 1
Nathan Barrett ... Goon 2

ZMDB rating: 9/10 (1 votes)

A man has been getting through life by choosing not to fight. He even decides to avoid combat when his future fiancé is insulted. But what will he do when the zombie apocalypse takes place? Will he fight the zombies to save his family? Or could he find another way to fight? Will he even be able to save himself?

Zombometer rating: 5 / 5
When will a man fight?

added: october 19th 2017 20:32:40,  last modified: october 19th 2017 20:42:50
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Absolutely Magnificent

To Save One's Self is a fantastic short film. It falls into one of my favorite types of zombie story--a strong character study. It's fascinating to see someone whose determination not to fight served him well in life. But now that it's the zombie apocalypse, can he make an adjustment to a much different way of life. The zombies appear at a different times throughout the films running time, but the focus stays on this man. The make-up and blood and gore are very well done. The ending is incredibly powerful one, also raising a lot of thorny questions. To Save One's Self is an incredible movie. I give To Save One's Self a rating of 9 out of 10.
rated: 9/10 by on
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